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SN introduced me to the world of fanfic. For the first year or so, I lurked around LJ and ff.net, reading others' fic before finally getting up the guts to write my own. My finger literally shook as I pressed SEND on that first fic, but nobody laughed me out of the fandom and, since then, I've had a great time getting to know other writers and working with them to (hopefully) strengthen my storytelling skills.

I generally stick to canon-based fic and, as a rule, prefer the brothers as adults.

Since taking the plunge, I've had the privilege of having four stories published in fanzines - Counting Coup in Brotherhood 8 and All Fall Down in Blood Brothers 3, Mad Maggie in Blood Brothers 4 and Long Arm of the Law in the current Blood Brothers 5 - took part in a fic auction for a great cause; won an award that, to this day, I have no idea who to thank for the nomination (a big hug to the nominator if you happen to read this); and have got to know some really awesome people.

Huge thanks and hugs to all of you who write SN fics for the countless hours of reading fun you've given me. Cheers.

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